Commodities Trader (Agriculture)


Roles & Responsibilities

CIC is a SGX-GeTS-Zall joint venture building a one-stop B2B commodities trading platform that will be using blockchain technology to enable physical trade to be easier. As part of our growth plan, we are looking for traders who are actively engaged in physical trade with the Agriculture sector, such as soybeans, rubber or silk, to join our Business Development Team.

The Business Development (BD)Team main role is to engage in physical trade connecting buyers and sellers, encouraging them to bring their operations from off-line to on-line. In the process, understand the concerns of both parties and provide Trade Finance and Logisitic Solutions. 

Provide updates on business status and CRM data on daily meeting, the BD will highlight issues and seek solutions together. In addition, these issues will be reflected to the Platform Management (PM)Team, who will propose innovative solutions to provide better customer's experience to aid the BD team and platform users.


  • At least 3 years of physical trading experience in the Agriculture sectors such as Rubber, Silk, Soybeans and others.
  • Able to conduct Back-to-Back trades.
  • Open to business travel to China and other suppliers.
  • Bilingual and good communicator.
  • Good network of Buyers and Sellers.
  • Good risk management mindset.